Anderson Consulting
Helping your organization achieve strategic innovation

helping your organization achieve strategic innovation

"Touture the data and it will confess to anything."
Ronald Coase, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics

The first question a data-driven organization asks itself is not “What do we think?” but “What do we know?
— Andrew McFee and Erik Bynjolfsson, The Second Machine Age

Richard will work with you to meet the increasing demand to have data drive your decisions - to create the right questions so you know the right answer. 

He uses his entrepreneurial experience and alliances with analyst, marketing and finance associates to assure your small business and nonprofit succeed. 

Actions spring not from thought, but from a readiness for responsibility.
— Dietrich Bohhoeffer

Richard's past demonstrates his willingness to be responsible by committing his own resources to achieve his thoughts.

He works to help you with the same approach. 

Never mistake a clear view for a short distance.
— Paul Saffo

Richard's achievments required frequent course corrections.

He helps his clients tack, jibe and persist towards a clear vision of sometimes fog-shrouded targets. 


anderson-consulting is dedicated to improving your organization's effectiveness.

We can explore innovative strategies to move your small business or nonprofit forward.

We can help you grow, create new products, add new services or respond to a complicated situation.

We are eager to learn about your needs and desires. 

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Richard M Anderson



Richard is also an active, innovative community leader. He is a founding member and a past-president of PopTech. He served as president of Bay Chamber Concerts for seven years and the First Congregational Church of Camden for two years. During his tenures, he collaborated to expand each organizations reach.  

He chaired the first-ever Camden First Night Celebration December 31, 1999,  the Camden Public Library Harbor Parks and Amphitheater Conservancy Executive Committee and co-founded and chaired the Camden Area Futures Group.

Richard served on a Camden Area YMCA Building Fundraising Team and on the boards of the Camden Conference, The Camden Rotary, The Farnsworth Art Museum, The Center for Maine Contemporary Art and as an officer of Camden Yacht Club. 

He developed a vacant former YMCA site in downtown Camden creating three townhouses and one retail space, thus keeping the property on the tax roles.  

This active community engagement exemplifies Richard's energy and ability to collaborate to engage and enrich people in both the profit and non-profit sectors. 



University of Northern Iowa
BA & MA, Mathematics

University of Iowa
PhD, Administration of Educational Research and Information Systems

Harvard University Business School
Owner/President Management Program

Activities & Affiliations

  • Former mathematics teacher and co-founder and owner of Ligature, Inc.
  • Cofounder and former owner of VillageSoup.
  • Founder and owner of anderson-consulting, specializing in helping organizations assure sustainability through strategic innovation.
  • Co-Founder and member of Midcoast Editors Alliance