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Helping your organization achieve strategic innovation

Helping your organization achieve strategic innovation

"The problem is never how to get the new, innovative thoughts into your mind, but how to get old ones out."
Dee Hock, founder Visa International

Decades of entrepreneurial experiences. 

Richard Anderson founded anderson-consulting to continue his 34-year run of entrepreneurial endeavors.  Discarding the verbal-first, visual-second and print-first, digital-second approaches launched Ligature and VillageSoup to textbook and news industry leadership.  

A Ligature product became a
Sunday New York Times cover story.

Richard and his co-founder grew Ligature, Inc. into a company of 300 creative professionals with offices in Chicago, Boston and St. Louis. 

A Ligature social science and history series published by Houghton Mifflin became the cover story of the September 29, 1991 New York Times Sunday Magazine.

The new books are the most visible product yet of this campaign to inject new life and relevance into the teaching of history.
— New York Times Sunday Magazine

CBS Evening News came to VillageSoup

Richard's VillageSoup experience was a story of many highs and an ending low. The highs included disrupting the hyper-local news market with a 1997 online-only news site that reached 2.5 million monthly page views and $500,000 annual online revenue in a population market of 80,000.  The CBS Evening News covered the innovative and controversial use of a live web-cam in a local store front.

But some townspeople saw the webcam in French & Brawn’s window differently. The mood changed. Some avoided the camera’s incessant prying, not willing to have their stroll on the street documented and perhaps recorded by some precursor of Big Brother. It didn’t help that one of the people concerned was balladeer Don McLean (American Pie). Then Dan Rather picked up the controversy and CBS Evening News showed clips from the webcam one night.
— Online Journal of Rural Research & Policy

The Knight Foundation recognized Village Soup 

In 2007 the James S. and John L. Knight Foundation awarded VillageSoup an $885,000 grant to generate a free-version of its unique cloud-based online-to-print publishing platform for use by other hyper-local news organizations. 

The business-generated content impressed the Knight Foundation. “What we found interesting was that advertisers also became part of the community,” says Marc Fest, the foundation’s vice president of communications. “Advertisers were also able to use that content management system.
— Columbia Journalism Review

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Through these 34 years, Richard proved his ability to respond to complicated business environments. He is able to envision new product and service opportunities as well as negotiate complex business transactions. He shares this ability with his clients. 


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