Anderson Consulting
Helping your organization achieve strategic innovation

Helping your organization achieve strategic innovation

“Strategy is about making choices, trade-offs: it's about deliberately choosing to be different”
Michael Porter: Bishop William Lawrence University Professor at Harvard Business School

Using strategic innovation to become what you can be. 

We help your organization become more effective through planned growth, exciting products, and new services based on strategic innovation and convincing communication. 

Exploring how things are, how things could be, and how things should be.

We collaborate with you to achieve innovation that integrates an understanding of what is going on with your competitors, your customers, your market, the general population and your own organization. 

Advancing innovative approaches with convincing communications.

we assure you have: 

  • clearly identified market segments

  • strong positioning

  • obvious differentiation

  • compatible distribution

  • crisp messages for the five stages of purchase Process

  • sufficient resources

  • a consistent organizational culture




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